Shares, Share Price & Significant Holders

The following information is provided in respect of AIM Rule 26. Last updated 04 June 2024.

Crimson Tide’s share capital comprises 6,574,863 ordinary shares of 10p each. To view our current share price please click here.

1,713,863 ordinary shares are not held in public hands being 26.07% of the Company’s issued ordinary share capital.

The company’s shares do not trade on any other exchange or trading platform. There are no restrictions on the transfer of the company’s AIM securities.

Significant shareholders (above 3%) of the issued ordinary share capital are:

Shareholder Ordinary Shares %
Cannacord Genuity Group Inc 820,000 12.47
Helen and Barrie Whipp 683,102 10.39
Lion Trust Investment Partners LLP 596,066 9.10
Gresham House Asset Management Limited 420,000 6.39
William Currie Group* 347,666 5.29
Herald Investment Management 323,333 4.92
Octopus AIM VCT Funds 315,000 4.79
S K Goodwin** 258,715 3.93
S J M Morris 238,472 3.60

*The shares are held by Mr. William Currie (33,333 ordinary shares) and William Currie Investments Ltd (314,333 ordinary shares).

**Mr. Goodwin also has an interest as a trustee in 91,500 Ordinary Shares of 10p each.